The creative brief for this piece was to promote positive mental health in the aspect of no matter where you stand in your mind at the current moment there can always be improvement if you talk it out, express it in a beneficial manner and have outlets that allow you to fulfil that positive change in your life - i.e. friends, family, counselling, art, writing, music, etc.
Adobe Audition is the software I used to create the audio files I wanted, adding vocal effects, echos and enhancing the vocals so that they're complimentary to the backing track. I amplified the two tracks to match each other's volume.
After having the audio track ready form Adobe Audition, I took the audio into Adobe Premiere Pro and worked on a video edit to emulate the desired output of the lyrics themselves with the visuals. The video files themselves are all royalty free stock clips. I wanted to create a story through audio and visual, I very much feel like I achieved this with the final result.
The transitions between each clip is all dependent on what is being mentioned in the audio to induce a new scene, feeling and an overall energy for the encompassing piece to provoke from both the visuals and audio working together.
The opening credits share the same style + scene to tie it all together in a seamless manner.
I'm extremely happy with the final result.

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