I wanted to create a thought provoking piece where it's visually expressive to the thought of being such a closed off, frightened and anti-social climate that we're currently in due to coronavirus.
Something as simple as wanting a beer in your own home may be frowned upon as "you're drinking alone", yet there is no other alternative, other than in the park, secret outings with other households and with your family (if possible).
We're captive + afraid, of each traditionally 'normal' household necessity. Cleaning the post, food packaging and deliveries.
We've been told a lot of misleading information and I feel people fluctuate between being keen to learn more and the complete opposite of wanting to show the virus the door - carrying on with their traditional life.
We became scarred to hang out with friends + family. Paralysed by the oncoming daily news.
Some people revelled in the new limelight of "rona", other's not so much.
Being told what to do 24/7 was an utterly unnatural feeling when you're conditioned to go out more than 1 hour's daily walk.
Thing's started to pick up with the mandated condition of wearing your mask + meeting up before 10pm.
People continued to be cautious of the virus but found ways round their usual routine, like home workouts, cooking, taking up new/old hobbies of theirs to enjoy the extended periods of time at home - which may otherwise go unnoticed.
The hierarchal power held down on us was wearing thin and people claimed to be doing what they must, but there were always loopholes if you'd had enough of it.
Mental health played a huge part in people's lives throughout this time, support bubbles were instated (rightly so) for anyone and everyone who needs that helping hand / venting partner that we all need in this pressing time.
We're all so very done with this and would love to return to what we never knew tasted so sweet: 'normal life'.
Relationships of all kinds have flourished + extinguished due to this new climate.
...but one thing that's for sure is that we all want to be out of this situation and back to our much desired social lives, positive mental health, trips away, no more tiers/tears of any kind + to live the best lives that we can - no matter the circumstances that are thrown at us. 

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