Several variations of how the design fits onto the T-Shirt as a printed chest logo.
The 'Seek Discomfort' illustration was hand drawn by myself onto a 27" Wacom UHD darling tablet.
I created this design within Adobe Illustrator, working over an initial sketch and finalising the design with the 'Santa Cruz' skater vibe colours and highlights - due to the shared aesthetic of Yes Theory's current skater clothing line.
'Seek Discomfort' is all about pushing your boundaries and stepping out of your comfort zone.
'Yes Theory' are huge ambassadors for personal growth, self discovery and loving the discomfort of the unknown. 
This is why I wanted to create the "bouncy" nature of what could otherwise be a deer-in-headlights / anxiety inducing saying. This bouncy nature of flipping the norm of comfortability in our normal lives is exactly the energy I wanted to create.  

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