Giving you the empowerment that lifts up the pregnant community within the app with FAQ's, forums, group chats, exercises, yoga, stretches and medical advice to make it as comfortable and stress free as possible.
Final design below: w/ additional development designs
Initial brief written up from speaking with the client and creating some initial scamps and sketches. 
My client wanted to have a simple to understand logo that conveys their pregnancy brand in a glimpse. Following on from this, it has to express a healthy lifestyle, an upbeat energy and a maternal output.
I gave the client a selection of possible typographic logos along with the requested monogram style clean line simple logo designs that follow: each design adds an incremental addition to the logo to determine the client's desired output of simplicity.
I was interested with the 'C' hugging around the 'O' shaped embryo and what it could hold for a logo design. 
I soon found out it isn't as smooth and clean a statement as the standalone monogram style logo without the further addition of the remaining letters from 'Core'. I pitched this idea with the client alongside the typographic style logo to see which initial root to pursue.
My client wanted to have a simple pregnant shaped figure, I started at the point of simplicity we both had discussed to do so and I experimented with further layers and detail. The simple designs were very well received and I then got onto showing the final colour combinations to acquire a final design.
The addition of the baby shaped figure inside the pregnant figure made the whole design come together effortlessly and what was missing the entire time. This cemented the whole brief and granted the desired outcome; a perfect conclusion.
The lighter shade of green was the preferred colour combo with the darker complimentary shade alongside. Once the colours were finalised, the client requested for the logo to be flipped horizontally and they were extremely pleased with the final result.
I'm also very happy with how this came out and look forward to the brand's future success in moving forward.

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