An introduction to Central 23 and my self-derived designs to deliver to their delightful design brief: 
'After looking through all of the catalogues we would like you to design whatever you want, whilst having a particular catalogue in mind. As long as your design fits in well with the character, style and humour of one of our catalogues then you’re onto a winner!'
'Please can you design a funny and eye-catching animal card, using the ones in our ‘Original’ catalogue for inspiration. We’ve had great success in the past with ‘Juan’ the chihuahua, ‘Seth’ the sloth and otters but are in need of a new ‘trending’ animal design.
Please see below for our past animal best-sellers for inspiration!'
I'm extremely happy with this final result of this collection of designs, all sharing a beautiful illustrative style along with a wholesome unity of thoughtfulness and purpose. I wanted a mix of cheeky, funny and cute was on top of a stylistic illustrative realism to the characters. 
Central 23 loved them.

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