TrueLayer set myself the assigned brief of creating a new and engaging aesthetic for their brand that screams 'fun and cool' to bring new clients and designers into their booth within a networking event.
The task: "to describe what an 'API' is in any capacity to grab the attention of the client".
The client: "non-designers and potentially newly interested TrueLayer applicants".
Throughout their brand guidelines I mustered up the vibrant colour coordination that flows through each poster design, business cards, leaflets, banners, stationary and apparel - a collection of media to present with.
The mixture of 'newbie' knowledge and more professionally in-depth material gave each piece a linear learning curve to hook the client / applicant for further growth and interest.
Using the research I gathered from the basic entry-level to the more complicated side of things I progressed up the ladder of complexity yet keeping the design simple overall to focus on the underlying message.
Further development through stationary - giving the overall encompassing cliental that you may find at networking events that want / need any of the above options - along with the TrueLayer staff on the booth.
The collective marketing collateral all tallied up and ready to market to TrueLayer for the completion stage of the networking event to be used after the finalisation stage.

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