The client wanted to have their landing page feature the newly launched POLO section of the website, promoting the collection in an engaging and elegant way. Following on from my suggestion of adding 'AR Try-On' (Augmented Reality) section to the customer interaction, to add to the engagement and user experience within this campaign - allowing the customer to be able to wear the clothes themselves before buying the clothes and taking 'try on at home' to another level.
The response for this campaign was very promising, with the final result securing Ralph Lauren as a repeat client of mine within the creative team at MOBKOI. I would continuously work closely with this client and carry on to design and create entire mobile advertising campaigns for Ralph Lauren. Catering for their local and international markets, building the ads, translating for all markets.

Digitally designing the campaigns through Adobe Photoshop and Celtra, working within the creative team and relaying information from the analytics team to keep the client knowledgeable of the impressions, CTR and the KPI attached to the affiliated campaign.

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