Illustration development from the initial line work to the finalised colour + highlighted design.
Alternative poster designs: doubling up as posters in the BOWIEBOX + also individual standalone pieces.
Social media animation to promote the poster design + its diversity that its fitting within any space and colour palette - much like David Bowie himself. 

Motion graphics animation in accordance with one of Bowie's top titles, 'Golden Years' - David Bowie, 1976.
Large format print with several alternate versions "stitched" together to create a beautiful collage homage.
Complimenting the 70's pop art styling + vibrant charisma of the artist himself.
Enlarged view of the repeat pattern used for the BOWIEBOX.
This design used the Adobe Illustrator file of the Bowie character head alongside freshly created, enigmatic and energetic background styling to coincide with the colour scheme and aura of the piece.
Bowie was a character; creating his own alter egos + new stylistic ensembles to don onstage whilst evoking alien-like attributes to his offstage down to earth persona.
I wished to capture this energy in the packaging of the BOWIEBOX and am extremely pleased with the final results.  
Stay golden.

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