Callum Blake

Illustrator, Designer & Video Editor

Ralph Lauren - Marketing Campaign
I project led this Ralph Lauren Polo mobile advertising campaign, within my time at Mobkoi as Midweight Digital Designer. I used the previously well received Cartier interactive product campaign, as my case study to improve the customer's CTR and impressions for the campaign.
Datsun 240Z - Illustration / Animation
Combining a 50 year old car and my Grand Theft Auto 5 illustrative styling. This Japanese thoroughbred everyman's sports car, the Datsun 240Z is the early 1970's poster car for most average folk that shed the slightest car knowledge, whilst wanting to look good and not crying into a bank loan receipt in doing so.
Mobkoi - Luxury Mobile Adverts
Working within Mobkoi, a design agency that focuses on luxury fashion brands, such as: Gucci, Prada, Dior and 500 other brands. This digital designer role combines UI and UX design into mobile phone adverts, with over 40+ types of interactive units to keep the customer engaged and the client’s happy.
White Stuff - Marketing Campaign
Summer Vibin’ marketing campaign for White Stuff, Men and Women’s sustainable summer clothing collection with 60% of this line made from materials that were responsibly sourced.
Fiat 500 - Illustration
Leading on from this illustration, I then illustrated an Amazon bestselling book for a female empowerment charity with 7 million social media followers, that then went on to being sold in The V&A Museum and British Library. A classic Fiat 500, reimagined through illustrating this on Adobe Fresco on an iPad Pro. "Ciao Bella" is the perfect phrase for this little beauty.
Personas - Icon Designs
12 illustrated icon designs, created for The Female Lead's Fulfilment Finder survey: a survey and questions for women and girls to answer this survey to understand better as to what persona suits them best. The reason for the survey, is to help people excel in a career path, creative endeavour or whatever aligns with their characteristics and qualities best.
HUAWEI - Motion Graphics
Branding collateral including, social media assets, motion graphics and video edits promoting HUAWEI’s featured earphone and laptop products: Freebuds 3 and Matebook 14s.
The Female Lead - Merchandise
I launched merchandise for The Female Lead, designed and illustrated the core collection artwork, created the merch website and implemented an influencer campaign to the 7 million total social media followers.
 I researched the target market, fulfilment houses and sustainable production methods.
 I created a poll for a control group of our target audience, to gain the market research we needed for, clothing fit, style, colour - as well as product demand and preferred design aesthetic.
 I designed the whole TFL merchandise core collection, built the website and handled customer relations, order fulfilment and website changes.
We Rise By Lifting Others: Volume II (67 illustrations)
A career highlight of mine is having a full book of my illustrations in ‘We Rise By Lifting Others’, an Amazon bestselling book. The book was donated to over 20,000 schools worldwide to educate young women and girls about empowering women's stories and the significant objects in their lives. Illustrations were diverse and ranged from: Samurai swords, African fertility dolls, Sarah Storey's Olympic signet ring, Deborah Francis-White's suffragette coin necklace, Twiggy's makeup mirror (gifted from Fred Astaire), Sheryl Crow's guitar, "The Little Moneymaker" totalling 67 illustrations.
Disrupt Your Feed - Social Media Campaign
During my time as Merchandise Manager and Designer at The Female Lead, I illustrated the ‘Disrupt Your Feed’ artwork reaching 330 million impressions across socials. The purpose of the campaign is to clean out the passive negativity within social media feeds, replacing that with uplifting and engaging content creators to have a more positive impact on your social media experience and wellbeing. This was re-shared by Jennifer Hudson and 100's of people's social media pages that wanted to "disrupt their feeds".
TrueLayer - Marketing Collateral
A vibrant marketing collateral to visually express what an API is to an audience of non-technical designers to encourage employment and economic growth within TrueLayer. An 'Application Programming Interface' is a lot simpler than you think.
BOWIEBOX - Packaging / Animation
Packaging design for the vinyl records gift set, 'BOWIEBOX' : with all of the David Bowie's greatest hits, a collection of concept art + exclusives.
Central 23 - Greetings Cards
A collective curious company curating comedic greetings cards of all kinds from the most lighthearted jokes to the darkest of humour - all in excellent taste and pushing the envelope for future illustrators and designers to think, "is that too much?"
Punk Stout - Custom Typeface
A custom typeface created by myself, each letter has been vectorised + scaled universally across all the characters shown. The purpose of this font's aesthetic is to emulate the music scene of both punk + pop-punk genres through typography. The name 'Punk Stout' is an "in-your-face, directly bold and fun" typeface.
Gamesys Group - Branding Collateral
Marketing graphic design for a gaming company who specialise in online betting and gaming. Gamesys produce the artwork and design aspects for Heart Bingo, Virgin Games and Gamesys' own in-house branded games.
AC-130 - 3D Motion Graphics Animation
A dynamic Cinema 4D animation simulating the drama and chaos that an AC-130 ensues.
Singer Porsche - Poster Design
'Singer' are based out of Los Angeles, producing some of the most beautiful "restomod'" Porsches and are revered for their craftsmanship globally. This indivualtidy is what I've tried to capture, this poster design is to show the pure innovation handcrafted into each and every bespoke coach built vehicle.
Flying Eye - Illustration / Signage
The brief given to me by Copyprint Bromley was to create a display to visually express their capability to create bespoke hand illustrated designs from their in-house design team.
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